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Our quest for windshield protection began in 1995, when we were asked if we could solve a problem.  The professional motorsports industry made a change for driver safety – they changed their windshields from glass to polycarbonate. This was great except now the teams had to deal with pitting and scratching on the outer surface of the windshield, which reduced the driver’s visibility.

Problem Solved!

NewVision Films, a division of Pro-Tint, Inc, experimented, tested and anguished over our windshield armor until it was the best possible product for the industry – and now YOU can offer this protection to your customers!  Benefit from our expertise and leverage your existing customer base by becoming a certified dealer of NewVision windshield armor.  Because of its multiple layers, NewVision is a consumable product and adding this unique level of protection will keep your customers coming back for additional installations time after time!

Take control of your future and compound your profit growth exponentially!

Dealer Benefits

Dedicated, hands-on training from the experts!

Use our experience to your benefit!  All dealers receive on-site training for their team as well as ongoing installation support.

Continuous Support

No matter what you need, we will be here to get you through each and every challenge you might face via online videos, training manuals, video chat and webinars.

Exclusive Dealer Certification

Ready to outshine your local competition?  Now is your chance!  Dealers will receive regionally exclusive certifications to help you corner your market.

Customized Print & Online Marketing

Each new dealer will receive a marketing kit complete with customized brochures, business cards, shop signage and more!  You will also receive an online profile on the NewVision website to help new customers find you!


The benefits available to our dealers are endless and we’d love to go over all of them with you!  Contact us for further details.

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